550 Paracord - Polyester

Rothco's Polyester Paracord has many of the same great attributes of commercial nylon paracord, plus additional features that just may make you consider using 100% polyester paracord in your next parachute cord craft project.

Similar to nylon paracord, the polyester paracord includes an inner core of 7 twisted strands. Polyester paracord has the same diameter at approximate 5/32 of an inch as does 550 Type III paracord. In addition, just like the nylon paracord, the cut ends of the polyester paracord can be melted.

The differences between nylon and polyester paracord are that the polyester paracord has a test strength of 727 LBS, and the polyester paracord is made in China, meaning the price is a little lower then the US made nylon paracord.

One additional difference is that people have often commented that the polyester finished product seems less stiff and bends around wrist/necks more comfortably than items made from nylon paracord.

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