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CanadaParacord.ca is a division of Stapleton's Great Adventure Company.

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CanadaParacord.ca is dedicated to parachute cord crafters by reducing all the clutter of the non-paracord items found on our main website.

Our Canadian shipping prices are $7 for orders under $100, and for orders over $100 we pay the shipping (some restrictions apply).

The Filters are Working Again! -Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Good news! The filters on our website are now functioning again. If you haven’t used the filters yet they are the perfect way to find a particular colour or other attribute.
Paracord Needles Coming Soon! -Sunday, July 26, 2015
We found a supplier for paracord needles, and should have them in stock and on our website within the next couple of weeks. The needles that we will have available are three inches long and feature a screw thread shaft. The needles will make tasks such as threading paracord into paracord projects for decoration much easier. We are very excited to be receiving these as many of our customers have been asking for them for some time.
To our Valued Customers, Gail, our kids, and I will be leaving on our winter vacation on December 16th. Normally we wouldn't leave during the busy Christmas season, however as our kids get older and are in higher grades we have decided to go on holidays while they are off school. As a result, our office and warehouse...